When you are planning to build in Long Island, East End, or the Hamptons, a reputable, hire a reliable construction management firm. Construction Managers are the key ingredient to a smooth construction project. A qualified construction manager will keep your project on-schedule and on-budget. Joe Burns Contracting is your local expert on construction in the Hamptons, East End, and Long Island.

The experts at Joe Burns Contracting will supervise the project from start to finish:

Collaborating during the planning stage: Professional planning with the insight of a construction manager can minimize unforeseen circumstances. A skilled construction manager can help prevent poor planning that will add unexpected costs or prolong the time frame. Time is money: the long the project takes, the more money is spent. Be like true building tradesman and utilize a proverb attributed to carpenters, “measure twice, cut once.”

Coordinating with subcontractors and suppliers: Construction managers who have a good relationship with suppliers and sub-contractors can prevent unnecessary delays and wasted materials, both contribute to the expense of the project.

Managing the budget: Labor and materials are only one part, albeit a big part of the budget. Additionally, interest on loans, mortgage payments, and insurance premiums, not to mention building plan filling fees and inspection fees can greatly increase the budget. The construction manager can help eliminate wasteful expenses that increase your budget, and eat away at profits.

Long Island, East End, Hamptons: whether it be commercial or residential construction, contact Joe Burns Contracting for a consultation today. Let’s build our relationship now, to save you time and expense on your construction project. Need more reasons to hire Joe Burns Contracting for your Long Island or Hamptons construction project? Contact us today, by phone or email, for a quote on the expert construction service provided by Joe Burns Contracting.