Whether your home is on Long Island, in East End, or in the Hamptons, one of the hottest home construction and remodeling trends right now is the addition of a game room. What is a game room, you might ask? Well, have you ever watched those celebrity home shows and seen a room devoted to nothing but games? It might have an air hockey table along one wall, a huge TV hanging on the opposite wall, plenty of seating around the TV for those nights watching movies or dissecting the latest episode of The Walking Dead with friends, and a gorgeous pool table in the dead center of the room. So that there are no interruptions to the action, there may even be a mini-bar or kitchenette there as well, stocked with everything from chips and nuts to cold beer and wine.

One great benefit to adding a game room to your house is it doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge, complicated constructionproject. If you have a basement room you aren’t using, a loft or attic that’s just miscellaneous storage space, or even a garage you no longer use, you can easily turn that empty space into one the whole family can enjoy. You may want to add elements like counter space or other things that require some minimal construction work, but it would be nowhere near as complicated as adding an entirely new room onto your house.

Another benefit to a game room is it can be adapted to the size of the space you want to use. If you live in a relatively small home, you might not be able to add a 2,000 square foot game room to your floorplan without giving your entire house an extreme renovation. In comparison, converting an existing room in your house by moving around furniture and taking advantage of multi-use tables (such as a pool table that can convert to a ping-pong table or an air-hockey table) can maximize even the smallest entertainment space.

As game rooms have become more popular, new designs in both lighting and flooring have also become more popular. It’s not unusual to see a game room combine the usage of uplighting, pendant lights over tables, and even track lighting to illuminate the room in creative ways that draw the eye. Combine that with a gorgeous stone tile, laminate, or carpeted tile floor and you have a beautiful, comfortable space that welcomes both friends and family.

When you are ready to add a game room to your home, you can trust the expert contractors at Joe Burns Contracting. The company has been in the business of making East End and Hamptons homeowners happy for over 25 years, and many of their contractors have been with the company for over 15 years. Joe Burns Contracting brings their knowledge and expertise to every job; whether it’s a room addition to add the game and media room of your dreams, or a basement conversion to turn that drab downstairs storage space into a fun gaming destination for the entire family, you can count on them to use the highest quality materials and finishes to bring your dreams to life. When you’re ready to tart making your game room dreams into a reality, contact Joe Burns Contracting.

Once you have decided to add a billiards room to your home in Eastern Long Island in the Hamptons area, you need to consider what would make this room enjoyable, functional, and personalized then contact the best construction company to get the job done to your specifications. Joe Burns Contracting has been serving customers for more than 30 years and specializes in new construction, renovations, and additions. Customers appreciate the company’s high quality of work, availability, and responsiveness. Here are some points you might want to consider when designing your billiards room in Eastern Long Island in the Hamptons and be ready to tell Joe Burns Contracting experts exactly what you want done.

Enjoy the Surroundings

Residents should keep in mind that the construction of a billiards room in the Hamptons needs to focus on giving the guests or pool players a total experience of being in Long Island‘s East End. It is important to look around the area where the home is or will be built and consider how residents can enjoy their location through the billiards room. For example, if the home has or will have a beautiful view of lush landscape or the beach, it is a good idea to build panoramic windows with motorized shades into a couple of the walls to give residents an awesome view or privacy as needed. Trust Joe Burns Contracting to get this job done using high-quality materials to look great for years to come.

Think Refreshments and Comfort

Part of the construction of the room can include designing and building a small kitchen for light refreshments. Even a full kitchen is no problem with the right contracting company. Several electrical outlets can be added around the room in addition to the refreshments area. You might want to consider adding a sound system if you are a music lover. Construction professionals know what electrical connections need to be made to make this area fun for residents and guests, so you can personalized the designs without worrying about all the technical aspects; Joe Burns Contracting will take care of everything.

Stay Connected

In this case, the billiards room should connect to its surroundings and to the rest of the home in some way. A wrap around patio with seating may give guests a quiet area to mingle away from the excitement of the pool game inside and is no problem to add while building the room. Think about how you would like to access the room. For instance, will the room have sliding doors or French doors?

Facilitate Use

There are other things to consider before constructing a billiards room, such as the flooring. Hardwood floors are a popular choice in Eastern Long Island; however, carpet is quieter. Or, hardwood flooring can be installed and decorative rugs can be brought into the room later. Consider adding an in-the-wall storage unit. Design your billiards room freely knowing that Joe Burns Contracting can advise you as needed and make it all possible.